Special areas of interest:
- Video signal processing
- Devices for reproduction, transmission and recording of video signals
- Intelligent house

Special achievements, toughest problems:
- Development of the system for transmission of IR control signals via an existing network of antenna cables (simple and inexpensive)
- Development of a device to improve the condition of the supply network (based on auto-transformers to avoid expensive high current switching - unit for load up to 1000 VA used a switch for a only about 1 A
- Being a president of a homeowners association, I had to win the approval for several important projects from some of uncooperative members (using a personal respect, authority and persuasion)

Job experience, what did you gain from it:
- Concentration of efforts on effectiveness - bringing the project to an end
- Scheduling time to accommodate simultaneous projects
- Dealing with people in a way that promotes cooperation and effectiveness
- Flexibility - ability to replace unavailable/expensive parts with available and less expensive alternatives and solving difficult problems using non-standard solutions

Personal interests:
Mostly in line with professional interests, such that I spend most of free time on activities related to my professional life, but I still like:
- music (rock, jazz, classical, ballads)
- film
- mountain hiking
- spending time with family and friends (concerts, exhibitions, theater)

Type of work desired:
Working on things that are important and where I could use my talent and experience and have satisfaction that I do it well

Immediate job objectives:
Find a job where my skills and experience can be used

Long term job objectives:
- Stability in a job that gives me satisfaction and challenge
- Accomplishments that make me feel that I have achieved something in my life

Your major strengths:
Honest, moral, dependable, self guided, creative, innovative, quick learner, team player, can work independently without supervision, detail oriented, persistent and responsible, have good communication skills, very good diagnostic and problem solving skills and a positive attitude

Your major weaknesses:
Perfectionism - passion for elegance and completeness sometimes goes beyond economical or rational needs of the project

How would you describe yourself?
World needs artists and engineers. I admire art, I can appreciate the work of an artist, but I myself prefer to be an engineer - to create practical solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable. I am calm, dislike aggression, like compromise and golden mean, loyal, honest, kind and friendly, treat others as I would like to be treated

How would others describe you?
Honest, loyal, team player, contributor, persistent, self-starter, hard-working, sympathetic, helpful, respectful, flexible, professional, courteous, considerate, trustworthy, forthright, responsible, mature, balanced, modest, cooperative, friendly, not aggressive, does not hold grudges, open to discussion, good father, has a wry, European sense of humor that grows on you.

What is your idea of a manager/employee relationship?
friendship, with understanding of the relationship - based on real authority and qualifications ñ engineering or managerial

How do you react to stress?
Light stress is good - it increases motivation and makes me stronger. If the stress level was too high, I would try to find its source and remove it.

On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself on assertiveness, flexibility and independence:
- assertiveness: 6
- flexibility: 9
- independence: 8

On a scale of 1-10, rate yourself as an engineer:

How would you react to an unfair performance evaluation?
First I would try to find if it is really unfair. I would try to discuss it with my supervisor - maybe the evaluation was fair and there is something I have to work on. Then I would try to find the reason and remedy it. Maybe I need to find a better match. If, everything else fails and boss refuses to discuss it or is unapproachable, I would think of changing the job.

What did you like the most about your last job?
Independence, contact with people.

What did you like the least about your last job?
Lack of free time, growing difficulty of running a small, independent business

Why did you leave your last job?
- EERC: moving to US
- TV and R Repair Service: started my own company
- University of Mining and Metallurgy: draft

How do your skills relate to our needs?
I have a solid education and 15 years of experience, much of which can be used in any engineering work and I can quickly learn and adapt to new environment. I have good communication skills, excellent diagnostic and problem solving skills and a positive attitude.

What are you looking for in a job?

challenge, satisfaction from being useful and appreciated

What's the minimum salary you would accept?
I am open and will consider any offer. I consider salary to be only one element of compensation in addition to job type, company, team, environment and benefits.

Why should we hire you?
I can be of value to your team and company. I can and I want to contribute to your team and your company success. I represent a rare combination of knowledge, experience and personality that can be useful in this job

If there is a question that I did not answer here, please send me email and I will be glad to answer.