My professional experience started a few months before I graduated from the university. I found interesting job in Metallurgy Institute of my university and I could still spent enough time working on my diploma thesis.

Two years later I have been drafted and when I finished my military duties, I found more profitable job (I had to support a family). A friend of mine owned a small company and he hired me. He switched the profile of his company to do things I have already done before (as an additional work, because the university was not a very good payer). We designed and built modules and circuits to adapt TVs and VCRs from Western Europe to Eastern European standards. We also did the opposite - adapting units from Eastern Europe to Western European standards. I have worked 4 years at my friend's company.

In 1991, I decided to start my own business. In my company I did the same things I did at my friend's company and more. I designed and built small antenna networks for receiving TV signal from aerial antennas, combine it with signals from satellite antennas and distribute it to each room in a house. I have developed a system of transmission of IR remote control signals via existing network of antenna cables to make it possible to change watched program in any room using only one satellite receiver.

Once, while working at a client's house, I have noticed a very bad condition of the power supply network. It had 170 V instead of 220 V. To solve the problem, I have designed a device to improve the power condition. Based on auto-transformers, to avoid switching high currents, the device kept output voltage on a level 220 V, when input voltage changed from 160 V to 220 V and there was no need to use a big magnetic amplifier, or high current switches (unit for a load up to 1000 VA used a switch for only about 1 A).

Recently, I had an opportunity to move to USA (my brother lives here) and I decided to continue my professional career in USA.