I was born in Rabka - a small town located in beautiful mountain scenery. Maybe that is the reason why I still like mountain hikes. When I was 3 years old, I moved (or maybe was moved) to Zabierzow - small village near Krakow (old capital of Poland), where I have lived until 2001.

Two years before I graduated from my elementary school, I already knew what I wanted to do in my life. When I was 14, I built my first amplifier (20W on tubes).

I have chosen the Technical High School because my cousin attended it and he said "you may learn something about electronics there". It was about electronics but mostly about industrial electronics. I ended up learning more than just what I was interested in.

During last year of high school, I participated in the Technical Knowledge National Championship and was awarded a title of the Laureate. Thanks to it I could choose any technical university in Poland and enter it without any entrance exams.

There were two possibilities to study electronics in Poland: in Warszawa and in Krakow. I liked Krakow - city I lived near and I chose University of Mining and Metallurgy (now AGH University of Science and Technology).

On the first year of my study I built my first color TV - I bought parts, broken modules, fixed it and put it together. I got my first CTV much cheaper than from the store and it was much more fun to do it myself.

I graduated from the university in 1985 with a grade of "very good" (5/5).


Here is the list of courses I took at the university.

Here is the scanned copy of the translation of the transcript in MS Word file (2.3 MB download).